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Establishing World Class Applications

Application development is often a significant task for almost each firm. Do it properly therefore you acquire excellent business advantages like enhanced productivity, regulating conformity, and decreased expenses via automation.

AMG is improvement associate to numerous Fortune 500 businesses in almost every single industry. We moreover deliver product engineering expertise and also answer to numerous top off-the-shelf software firms. Our progression services - such as application consolidations, enhancements and new developments - tend to centered on letting you meet up with promising organization, technology challenges and demands.

Ours isn't a "one size fits all" strategy, since not every development tasks provide the similar condition. AMG examines every task individually to find out which strategy is the most suitable and productive. Then we regulate our method, or design, for every exclusive development task. AMG offers a consistent, repeatable and structured development process. Elements of our development potential consist of:

  • Most recent to legacy technology functionalities: Our technology and application services are designed around the idea that you'll require a worldwide associate that can surely combine your company, whether that requires a traditional mainframe program, server/client systems, or the most recent CRM, internet, cellular, or information warehousing strategy. We label this most recent to Legacy, which, means AMG has got the expertise, techniques, and advisor training to completely combine your company while you work to develop applications.
  • Tools, frameworks and methodologies: AMG utilizes the Rational ALM Tool Suite combined with additional proprietary and collaboration tools, techniques, and frameworks to provide database integration. Techniques involve spiral, component/object-oriented based, iterative development, rapid application development and waterfall. Every technique deals with every aspect of the project such as standards and procedures, roles and responsibilities that must be followed, resources to be utilized, products to be supplied throughout every phase of project's lifecycle, and presentation layout and data of every deliverable.
  • Component manufacturing plant: AMG's component manufacturing plant is centered on creating and cataloging recyclable components to cut down development expenses and develop time to promote.
  • Facilities of Quality: Our experienced, repeatable and quality accredited complete software development lifecycle procedures are reinforced by numerous specialized training groups and Centres of Excellence which includes ECM, testing, BI/DW, .NET, and many others.
  • Knowledge transfer and preservation: AMG deploys its exclusive knowledge transfer and preservation processes to gather thinking ability and expand teams rapidly. This offers our customers with superior service levels regarding quick solution of the troubles, reduces dependency and criticality of short-term knowledge stores, and adds new associates to the desired productivity level instantly.
  • Stringent quality: AMG's techniques are developed on industry standard approach quality frameworks which includes CMMi, PMI and ISO for project management. Quality measurements for example fault containment and schedule deviation are tracked and examined at both project and company levels.
  • Alliances and relationships: AMG has good relationships with top global solutions companies such as Microsoft, HP, Oracle, Rational, and many others to provide best of breed off-the space tools and elements where suitable for your development mission.
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