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Financial and Budgeting Services Options

Financial and Budgeting Service professionals are looking for a lot more than technological innovation from their Information technology companions these days. It is properly documented and grasped by the industry frontrunners that IT is a vital aspect to increase productivity, keep costs down, and generate income for banking institutions and finance companies.

AMG’s Financial and Banking Services are centered on developing specific services and frameworks to help the financial services sector. Our broad range of technology and software solutions provide thought management, hands free operation, IT-KPO Implementation, zero-defect shipments, efficiency improvement, scalability and conformity for leading banking institutions and finance companies all over the world.

AMG has unique alternatives and experience in numerous areas of financial and banking services, which includes:

  • Banking: Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking, Commercial Banking, Loans, Auto Financing, Cash Control, Treasury Options, Corporate Finance, Home loan
  • Capital Marketplaces: Investment Banking and Management, Property Management, Personalized Wealth Control
  • Cards and Payments: Open Loop and Closed Loop Cards, Transaction & Vendor Services (product growth, sales and marketing, account purchase, credit risk assessment, account management, contract satisfaction, servicing, back-office agreements and financial coverage)
  • KPO solutions: Property Management, Banking, Brokerage service, Reconciliations, Quantitative Financing
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